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Vanessa Mitrani

Vanessa Mitrani inherited a love of experimenting from her mother, a laboratory researcher. As a student at ENSAD (École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Paris) in furniture design, she liked to escape from lectures by trying her hand at craft techniques in workshops. It is thus by "doing" that Vanessa became passionate about glass, and from her first collection in 1998, she appeared as a distinctive creator in the design world. She is an expert in glass, with which she works in a variety of forms, and she asserted her status as a designer and her expertise, great technical mastery and artistic sense opened the doors of the Musée des Arts-Décoratifs in 2015, where eight of her iconic pieces entered the permanent collections.


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With her work being built on experimentation, Vanessa explores glass work in sometimes unexpected ways. She blows it in contact with leather, porcelain, marble and fabric. Her projects, as an artist, are not only aesthetic, but also bear existential reflections which inspire her creations.

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