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The story

The 92 luxurious villas of Banyan Tree Tamouda Bay are a true haven of peace. Located by the sea, near Tangier, they offer an Asian touch in this typically-Moroccan universe.

In Details

• Project :

Banyan Tree

• Architect :


• Mission entrusted to Agnès Karp :

For this large-scale project, Agnès Karp was in charge of the complete artistic design of the hotel, including the decor. Consulting on site to find the best that Moroccan craftsmanship has to offer - both in terms of artistic objects and calligraphic artists - this sensational project brings together the Asian spirit of Banyan Tree with fabulous Moroccan culture. Highlighting the sacred writing of calligraphy, all the pieces are one of a kind and custom-made. A beautiful human experience, achieved in a record time of less than 6 months, including set up.