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The story

A tribute to the glorious past of the establishment which, at the beginning of the 20th century, was one of the favorite seaside resorts of Parisians, its design incorporates the chic and airy codes of the Atlantic coast. It is a beautiful reinvented era which, while paying homage to the many writers who came to Trouville for vacation, creates a clever link between past and present.

In Details

• Project :

Hôtel Cures Marines

• Architect :

Jean-Philippe Nuel

• Mission entrusted to Agnès Karp :

For Agnès Karp, recreating the atmosphere of the Trouville of the Roaring Twenties and of the flowery coast was an obvious choice. Thanks to custom-made graphic designs, the common thread that weaves throughout the hotel and the Thalasso des Cures Marines recreates the comfort of a luxurious seaside atmosphere.