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Michel Bassompierre

Michel Bassompierre is one of the most important artists in the field of contemporary animal sculpture. He has infused this discipline with a singular and new style that is now recognizable at first glance. Both seductive and engaging, his work has traveled the world, letting his bestiary of marble and bronze escape to the four corners of the globe. Trained in Leleu's studio at the Rouen School of Fine Arts, Michel Bassompierre learned to observe. He made thousands of sketches through which he built his understanding of the animal's body, this cleverly articulated machine whose form and movement he captured so well. It is precisely this experience that he succeeds in bringing to life, making his work so significant.


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In the spirit of François Pompon, Michel Bassompierre gets rid of the obvious in order to get to the essential. Favoring animals with round shapes, he achieves a form that is both soft and precise, where light never collides with shadow.

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