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Maxime Perrolle

Originally a cabinetmaker, Maxime Perrolle has a close relationship with wood. Unfurling the shavings, discovering the rings of growth, smelling the fragrances that reveal themselves, is reading the imprint that time leaves on the tree. Since 2016, he is interested in woodturning and since 2019, in sculpture. Passionate about trees, the serenity of these immobile giants both intrigue and inspire him; they all tell a unique story. His creations are part of a contemporary approach that respects the traditional values of the craft by playing on the effects of textures, curves and a search for colors through fire or natural pigments.


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With each piece of wood being different, Maxime creates unique pieces by exploring the flexibility of wood. He plays with the opposition between the turned pieces, thin and light, and the more sculptural pieces, massive, of a single block, reminiscent of certain monoliths or totems.

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