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Maxence Doré

A graduate of the School of Architecture and Landscape, Maxence Doré offers paintings where interlacing is master. Neither esoteric nor Kabbalistic, some see in his work an influence of the Nuagist movement, but the difference is indicated in a outpouring, an accumulation of lines and forms. Indeed, the viewing of his work requires that the spectator get closer to the piece to discover its delicacy, an action that obliges one to look at it for an extended period of time, while forgetting the space-time existing around.


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Mixing analytical drawing and graffiti practice, Maxence asserts a finished, fine and colorful aesthetic. Like topographic or even geological maps, one can read in these oil paintings hydrographic networks, cumulonimbus clouds that intermingle and even faults that collide. His technicality and his taste for analytical drawing position Maxence in urban art with abstract and contemplative tendencies.

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