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Mapie BelGary

Marie Pierre Bel was born into a family of artists and craftsmen. At École Boulle, she first trained in bronze mounting, then in chiseling, which she later perfected in the workshop of Mr. Guénot, in the Marais district of Paris. In 1996, she became a student in the workshop of Bernard Werner, Master of Art, where she perfected and acquired the mastery of the bronze casting technique. She then started her own workshop, creating casting models and prototypes for architects and designers such as Philippe Parent and Nicolas Aubagnac. Under her artist name, Mapie BelGary, she now devotes herself entirely to the creation of her own pieces that are inspired by Man and Nature.


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Like a sculptor models their shapes or a painter applies their colors, the bronze artist works directly with metal to capture the light. She also works with other materials such as marble powder, glass, porcelain, bronze and, more recently, relief printing. Her creations innovate traditional skills by bringing them to the futuristic modernity of a peculiar universe.

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