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Luisa Adelfio

Luisa Adelfio is a multilingual artist, working between Italy and the United States. With advanced degrees in Sculpture and Art History from Wellesley College in Boston and the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in Italy, her sculptures, drawings and paintings are based on the Jungian idea of the ethereal unconscious where the collective and the infinite are manifested in the physical world through the various disciplines. Each piece is a meditation on the evanescence of materiality. Luisa's work is included in exhibitions and private collections in Canada, South America, Europe and various cities throughout the United States.


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Luisa Adelfio works extensively in two and three dimensions. At the heart of her work is the exploration of the place of archetypes and symbols in the creation of cultural memory, and the transcendence of the individual through the material world to the spiritual world.

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