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Guénaëlle Grassi

Guénaëlle Grassi has been passionate about clay since her childhood. After studying interior design, she trained in 2001 at the French Ceramic Institute in Sèvres and then set up her workshop as a ceramic sculptor in Ezanville, France, while continuing her training in contemporary ceramics in numerous workshops. Member of Atelier d'Art de France, and registered at the Maison des Artistes, she exhibits her work and unique pieces in galleries, salons and boutiques, and collaborates on projects with architects around the world.


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The pieces made from porcelain and/or black stoneware are fired several times for a glaze, a luster, sand, glass, or gold. They can be installed or framed. Guénaëlle’s work is the incessant and kinesthetic search for an exchange with the material, a composition of stories in straight or curved lines, smooth or torn, reflecting what life gives us to experience.

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