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Didier Chamizo

The career of Didier Chamizo, born in Cahors, France, in 1951 and considered one of the pioneers of street art, illustrates the importance of having access to culture during a period of detention. Incarcerated for 17 years, the man who was already an exhibited artist - after attending evening classes at the SaintEtienne School of Fine Arts - did not stop painting behind bars. The pieces he made in prison have been met with real success, from the public as well as from well-known artists. During his incarceration, Didier mobilized to share his passion: he was editor-in-chief of a magazine produced in prison, created a painting workshop and created a mural of about 30 meters with other inmates. Released in 1991, but partially banned from the country, he was finally pardoned by François Mitterrand. Since then, while pursuing an international career, exhibiting alongside Matta, Combas, César, Arman, Nikki de SaintPhalle, Tinguely and even Jeff Koons, he has been involved in humanitarian and educational initiatives.


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Chamizo is inspired by the world of Rock and Fashion! Much like Johnny Depp or Keith Richards, he is a spectator of our world like a snide reporter who looks at the news and describes people with accuracy and precision. He puts severity and wit into his work simultaneously, thanks to his mastery of diversion and symbolism.

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