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Bridget Johnson

After having enrolled in a local pottery class just for fun one day, Bridget Johnson immediately became addicted to working with clay. She found herself in a new world of study, research, homework and a passion for experimentation and design. During her four years of study, she explored slab work, wall art, monoprinting, all kinds of glazes and finishes and all ceramic textures from fine white porcelain to coarse black clay. Influenced by the work of Magdalene Odundo, Bridget found her way into the West African tradition of hand-building and has since been creating work that explores the sense of primitive perfection.


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The vessels are formed using a traditional West African coiling technique. It gives greater strength to the form, helping the vessel withstand the primitive firing technique. Then refined by scraping and surfacing to further develop the shape and smooth the outer surface of the clay, and polished at length, each piece exudes a sense of warmth and life. The pieces are bisque fired, then smoked with a carefully selected collection of organic materials such as sawdust, wood shavings, coffee grounds, dried leaves and flowers, to give the surfaces their distinctive marks.

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