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Catherine Desailes

Catherine Desailes, born 11/09/1966, in Paris. Since 2020, she has been co-founder of her own design and publishing house: Atelier 86. My work celebrates life in all its forms, from the infinitely small to the infinitely large. Neither figurative nor abstract, it is an invitation to enter into a silent dialogue between you and yourself. Like life, which has no meaning except that which we give it, all these pieces can be contemplated in one direction or the other, and this is one of their great features. It's up to you to see what you want to see in them, of your own reality, of yourself, and therefore of your own universe. The proposal of an artistic, but above all human adventure, being continuously renewed. Yalla!* Yalla means: let the party start, let the work start!


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Over the years, based on one of my “lights motiv”, the one titled “making do with what we have”, I have developed various techniques, specifically with liquids: water, coffee, vinegar… which I combine for their surprising reactivity, as well as certain types of ink. I also like to work with resin for its potential for transparency and depth; a magical asset that has been omnipresent in all my creations for several years. Of course, there is also wood, paper, metal… my skills are multiple and in constant evolution, and are part of traditional and innovative know-how. It is as a tool that I bear witness to what I perceive in the material, making the invisible both visible and tangible.

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