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Arcade Murano

Since its creation in 1990, the history of ARCADE has been characterized by a series of meetings: between the founder Ivan Baj and numerous master glassmakers, between water and sand, sea and land, fresh and salt water, between matter and steam, form and color. Plunged into unexpected situations or resurfaced in familiar places, these encounters have, over time, given life to collections of vases and memories frozen in glass. Each vase has a poetic potential, as long as it is seen as a fusion of sand and human breath. Today, Arcade vases are presented in several museums and art galleries. They are unique or limited edition pieces, for a clientele of composed of both art lovers and collectors: a true collection of applied art pieces.


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The Arcade collection embodies all that Italian glass art has to offer. Thanks to the sophisticated art of blowing glass, these objects go beyond the static and eternal symmetry of the vase: they bend and mold to express the energy of the movement of water or air, or to imitate the morphology of fruits and plants.

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