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Anne Sophie Boulogne

Passionate about ceramics for more than twenty years, Anne Sophie Boulogne sees ceramics as a space of infinite freedom. The desire to experiment by trying to push back the constraints imposed by the clay led her to porcelain, which is demanding, but allows for much flexibility. The sculptures created are inspired by the depths of the universe: both fascinating and magical. The geometrical and harmonious forms offer an infinite field of freedom, the perfect incarnation of beauty in nature.


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Enriqueta is inspired by ancient techniques, such as the Indian Pueblo technique of browning and polishing the pots after firing. The Japanese concept of Wabi-Sabi is also important to her creative process, explaining the simplicity and asymmetry displayed. Enriqueta refrains from using glazes and favors the natural colors of the clay, modifying the surface by smoothing it with a stone or scraping it to reveal the clay’s chamotte. These techniques create opposite textures, glossy and rough.

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