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Slovia Roginski

Slovia Roginski, a graduate of École Boulle, works as an interior designer in Paris and as a travel journal artist. It is being guided by traditional architecture that she explores the world, filling her travel books with human encounters. She is the author of "Au Coeur du Laos," and "De la ville à la jungle, une aventure au Perou", published by Elytis in 2015 and 2017, respectively. She is the co-author of "S'il te plait, dessinemoi un mouton" (Editions La librairie des Voyageurs). Her work has also been published in National Geographic Traveler and has won several awards.


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Her sketches and paintings mix formats, techniques and materials: watercolor, pencil and acrylics are confronted with handmade paper, or wood brought back from her various travels.

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